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A Much Loved Partner - created either as a special present, to commemorate a special birthday or “just because” - which is always the best reason!

This was the picture that Steve Cropper saw which prompted him to have one of himself.

The original now hangs on Karen’s parent’s wall.

A very welcome Grand-Child - Babies are always great to draw, not least because they’re quicker.

The finished picture can again be scanned to provide copies for family & friends, or made into cards to announce, “It’s a Girl!” Or “It’s A Boy!”

A Precious Pet - This one made my eyes go funny, a black retriever dog done in soft 7B pencil and charcoal to achieve the blackness.

This was commissioned for the owner’s 40th birthday.

Unique Gift -

This young lady and her horse was commissioned as a special surprise Christmas present.

I’ve been drawing portraits in pencil for many years and for many reasons.

These were all drawn by hand, no computer tricks - but digital technology does mean that reasonably priced copies can be made.

Click each picture below to see a fuller screen version.


Noddy Holder of Slade

This was drawn from a photograph which was the favourite of his wife Suzan.

Once completed and she loved it she had the idea of a limited run of prints which he signed for charity fund-raising items.

The original is now hanging on Suzan’s office wall.

Newly Weds

The Happy Couple - Helping to make the big day even more special, for both them and those celebrating the occasion.

From your favourite picture I can make a stand alone portrait; or have it professionally scanned to make bespoke wedding invitations, thank you cards or high quality copies for family and friends.

Either way you get the finished drawing, mounted if you prefer, as a unique piece to remember the day by.

Steve Cropper

Multi award-winning American musician, composer and producer at Stax Records having played and written with Booker T & The MGs, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, The Blues Brothers Band, Rod Stewart and dozens of others; we have become friendly with Steve during his many tours to the UK.

He saw the picture I drew of Karen, gave me his promo photograph to draw from and this is the result which is now in his Nashville home.