About me? Well I came into design by a strange route.

I happened across a film crew in Edinburgh making a C4 documentary about the entire process of producing a “Friends Of The Earth” magazine …… and ended up being in it, then being offered a job when the filming finished!

From there I spent three years working with various groups and charities while studying Graphic Design For Printing at Telford College; then went into the print industry for the next twenty-five years.  In that time I produced work

for all of the big banks and many for entertainment corporations such as Rank, Mecca, United Distillers (now Diageo) and Odeon Cinemas; as well as the standard jobs that any and all small and medium sized businesses require.

I also used to draw cartoons for the fan club magazine of a well known rock band , signing them as “Stu R” and it stuck. It’s not a delusion of being royalty - honest!

Naturally I learned a lot over those years, most importantly that the job comes first, meeting deadlines and “Customer Is King”. I also learned many of the small peculiarities and jargon that printers use which might confuse the average client and sometimes cost them financially.

I know my “gifs” from my “tifs” and “RGB” from “CMYK”, I speak their language, so that you don’t have to - as the saying goes.