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I keep being told that “no-one uses print anymore” or

  “everything is done on-line now”. My reaction is “. . Really?”

Whether it’s networking events, or the all-important first client meeting, your business card is the first permanent reminder of that meeting.

You wouldn’t believe how important such a basic item could be.

So here’s just a couple of points to ponder on business cards.

Are you considering the budget brands of cards? Depending on the service you provide does it just need to do the basic essentials, or is perhaps your cheap card subtly telling your customer

“What you see is what you get?”

Stationery? For those rare occasions,

in these “paper free office” days

where you do need to write a letter

or use a Compliment Slip it’s entirely

possible to have a small quantity of

either made which won’t break

the bank.

     Presentation! How much better

      would your quote or product

       range flyers look if delivered

       in a bespoke folder, maybe

       with your business card

tucked inside slits on the pocket?

They’re now a practicality at A4 or A5

sizes in quantities as low as 20+.